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Rainbow house gets revenge on neighbors

Where there is hate, there is also love

Melissa Harris-Perry’s “Footsoldier” is Aaron Jackson, founder of Planning Peace, because of a very special paint job he did to the house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church.

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Aaron Jackson on Larry King

Saint Aaron

Somewhere down a maze of rutted dirt roads in a rundown Port-au-Prince neighborhood, past the red gate that keeps out the armed thugs, and through a courtyard of packed gravel, a 23-year-old guy from Broward County steps through the doorway of the sanctuary he created.

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Stomp the Worm

For the past four years, Jackson’s travels have taken him, about once a month, to Haiti, where he has set up homes and service centers for street children. These now include an orphanage, with seven children, and a home for children with AIDS, with ten, in Port-au-Prince’s scabrous Cité Soleil section. There’s a naive, blundering quality to Jackson — whom New Times dubbed “Saint Aaron” two years ago in a cover story — that somehow overcomes all the obvious obstacles to pulling off his clearly lunatic plans.

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Mano a Mano Against Poverty

With just the glimmer of an idea, Aaron Jackson traveled to Haiti’s Port-au-Prince, hooked up with some like-minded Haitians, and established a home for street kids, which he subsequently financed with his earnings as a golf caddy. A simple, preposterous idea that, crazily enough, worked.

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Healing Haiti

Rainn Wilson points at a gigantic pink worm walking in his direction. Yes, Dwight Schrute from television’s The Office. And yes, a seven-foot-tall, star-shaped parasite, with arms and legs, is walking toward the small stage where Wilson stands.

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Helping children ‘Stomp the Worm’

Since 2004, Planting Peace has helped millions of children around the world through its deworming project called Stomp the Worm. It also has formed several children’s homes in Haiti and India.
CNN’s Christie O’Reilly recently caught up with Jackson to talk about his group’s expanding efforts and his collaboration with Wilson.
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Man Turns House Across the Street From Westboro Baptist Church Into Gay Pride Flag

A group infamous for its virulently homophobic views has a colorful new neighbor.

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Rainbow house fights Westboro Baptist with love

Dubbed the “Equality House,” it’s right across the street from the home of the cult-like homophobic Westboro Baptist Church, the group notorious for picketing the funerals of U.S. soldiers and for its signs proclaiming, “God hates f***.”

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