Birthday Pledge

Everyday 19 million birthdays are celebrated around the world. Why not take these celebrations of life and leverage them to make the world a better place? Planting Peace invites you to pledge your birthday to help us raise money to impact the world in which we live. All funds that are raised will go towards a Planting Peace program of your choice.

Pledge your birthday.

By filling out the form and sharing your pledge to let your friends and family know you’re serious you immediately begin the process of dedicating your day to make someone else’s better.

Start a campaign.

When your birthday is near, we’ll remind you to open the fundraising page we’ve designed for you to create a new opportunity for everyone to get involved with the Planting Peace project you have selected to give towards.

Give peace.

100% of the money you raise will go directly to fund the charitable endeavors Planting Peace facilitates. Whether giving to our orphanages, de-worming program, environmental projects, or equality initiatives you’ll get to see and hear about the difference your pledge has made in someone else’s life.

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