Partnership with Sonder

Partnership Announcement: The Sonder Project

Partnership with Sonder

Partnership Between The Sonder Project and Planting Peace Brings Hope to Refugees

On August 25th, 2017, Rohingya Muslims began fleeing into Bangladesh from Myanmar, bringing with them stories of the horrific genocide in their country. Since that date, roughly 1 million people have crossed the Bangladesh border. To fight this injustice, The Sonder Project has joined Planting Peace in a partnership to distribute deworming medication.

Why deworming is critical

Rohingya refugees must walk 3-5 days without food or water, forcing them to drink from puddles and waste water. In addition, the WHO estimates that 89% of the Myanmarese people suffer from intestinal worms. The average intestinal parasite eats 20-40% of a child’s nutritional intake. The result of this is that children can die of malnutrition even when they have ready access to food. 

Because of these worms, virtually every refugee child crossing into Bangladesh is malnourished, and many have dysentery from dirty water. Dysentery is one of the leading causes of death for children in the third world.

Ending malnutrition with The Sonder Project

In response to this crisis, and building upon the success of our previous partnership, The Sonder Project and Planting Peace have joined forces once again to provide refugees with life-saving deworming medication. Families no longer have to worry about loved ones surviving their exodus only to die of preventable disease. We are grateful for The Sonder Project’s partnership in deworming refugee children as they cross the border.

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