Planting Peace Announces Partnership with Sonne International

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Planting Peace is happy to announce our partnership with Sonne international to bring health services to the Rohingya refugees.

Rohingya Refugees flee genocide

The United Nations considers the Rohingya Muslims to be the most persecuted people on earthThis was made evident on August 25th when the Rohingya started crossing over into Bangladesh. Since that date, the UN estimates that roughly 1 million people have crossed, bringing with them stories of horror, tales of survival.

There are no official reports of how many people have been killed, but preliminary estimates put the numbers over 100,000.

NGOs provide hope

In response to this genocide, Planting Peace has partnered with Sonne International, a global NGO. Sonne International has worked in Bangladesh for 10 of the 15 years since its founding. Planting Peace’s partnership with Sonne International is vital, as they continue to help us navigate the bureaucracy of working within Bangladesh.

Our goal is to bring free health care to the refugees.

Deworming campaign and basic healthcare

We are tackling our goal through a campaign to administer deworming medication to all refuges that cross the border. According to WHO statistics, up to 89% 0f people from Myanmar have intestinal worms. These worms eat up 20-40% of a child’s nutritional intake; without deworming medication,  even children with easy access to food can starve to death.

With Sonne International’s help, we have created a clinic to provide basic healthcare services, treating anything from gunshot wounds to the common cold and fever.

Therapeutic feeding center

Supplementing our healthcare clinic is our new therapeutic feeding center. In this center, we use World Health Organization best practices to save the lives of children ages five and under who are suffering from severe malnutrition. We go beyond just keeping these children from wasting away and correcting any imbalances in the body; we make sure they thrive. The worst case we have treated thus far was a 3-year-old child – who weighed only 5 pounds.

Sonne International and Planting Peace create futures

Planting Peace moves closer and closer to our accomplishing our goals because of Sonne International’s partnership. Together, we protect a generation that could grow up to end genocide. Join our fight to save every life possible.