Giving Tuesday Give Peace

Giving Tuesday with Planting Peace!


Giving Tuesday Give Peace

Giving Tuesday is November 28th!

It seems like we just rang in the new year, but we’re already on the home stretch toward 2018! That means Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday – and, most importantly, Giving Tuesday. This could be your last chance to get on Santa’s “nice list,” so consider including Planting Peace in your holiday celebrations.

What if I don’t celebrate any winter holidays?

That’s awesome! Stick to your true self! Giving Tuesday isn’t about the end-of-year holidays; it’s about putting a bit of the season’s capitalistic spirit toward improving the world. We can all get behind that, can’t we? If not, I mean…I’ve got nothing for you. That’s something you have to explore with yourself. Maybe go on a spiritual retreat or something. I believe in you.

Ok, but why Planting Peace?

Just check out the rest of this website! Not to brag, but we do a ton of amazing things. Deworming, emergency relief, LGBTQ+ advocacy, saving an elephant, raising money to save dogs after the recent hurricanes, four orphanages around the world…there’s so much to choose from! Every cent of your donation goes directly to the cause you choose. How many other places can say that? Not to knock other charities – we’re not the only one dedicated to our supporters. I guess I’m just a little biased.

The most amazing thing about Planting Peace is our hands-on founder, Aaron Jackson. No one else in the world could fly to Asia to save an elephant and end up with a medical tent on the front lines of a refugee crisis. With over 1 million displaced people searching for basic human needs, the medical support Aaron and his team provide is the difference between life and death.

Not to mention, our Chief Medical Officer saved a dog, named him Ruffugee, and now he brings light to the people visiting the clinic. Come on. If that isn’t the best thing you’ve heard in a while, I want to hear about your awesome life.

I’m sold – how do I participate in Giving Tuesday?

It’s easy! All you really have to do is give to Planting Peace on November 28th. If you want to tell the world why you chose us, consider downloading and printing out our #unselfie sign! We have color and black and white versions. Fill in the blank with the reason for your gift, take a picture with your sign, and share your #unselfie on social media with the hashtags: #unselfie #GivingTuesday and #PlantingPeace.

Don’t have a printer? No problem! Make your own sign to share!

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How will you change the world this year?