Planting Peace declares Antarctica the world’s first LGBT friendly continent


One up, six continents to go.

Planting Peace declares Antarctica the world’s first LGBT friendly continent.

The primary purpose of this declaration is to instill full fundamental human rights to LGBT people inhabiting or visiting the continent of Antarctica.

Aaron Jackson, President and founder of Planting Peace, traveled all through the continent of Antarctica carrying the pride flag. The trip was planned to raise awareness for the need for action across the planet because basic rights are still denied to the LGBT community in so many countries across the world.

4Sexual orientation and sexual identity are a protected class of people according to the UN Human Rights Council. Any nation that denies these fundamental rights is in direct violation of the Declaration of Human Rights.  

Let this declaration serve as a catalyst to create the momentum needed to bring LGBT rights to every continent in the world. And let this serve as a signal that the LGBT movement is moving forward to relentlessly battle for LGBT rights. Currently, 76 countries are violating the rights of LGBT people, and in six countries you can even be killed for being a sexual minority. Visibility and advocacy for the rights of sexual minorities is desperately needed. 

Transgender Flag


Is it important for Antarctica to have LGBT rights?

Yes. Fundamental human rights for the LGBT community should exist in EVERY corner of this world. Furthermore, Antarctica is inhabited with people and has a booming tourist industry. Members of the LGBT community should feel safe to travel anywhere and have full rights that empower them to be their authentic selves without fear of emotional or physical harm.



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