Come Out!

Today is National Coming Out Day!

Coming out is one of the most difficult yet empowering experiences for LGBTQ individuals. So many of us spend time and energy hating and hiding aspects of ourselves instead of embracing our whole being. Coming out changes your life, it lifts a heavy burden, and your openness changes perspectives and advances dignity. Coming out is a very serious and courageous decision. Sadly, we still live in a country where the government allows LGBTQ individuals to be legally discriminated against in the areas of housing and employment, bigotry abounds, and violent attacks are far too common. In the United States over 4,600 youths commit suicide a year often because they feel less than. That is why we believe coming out is a life saving experience. It helps us to live authentically and others to find strength. If you are considering coming out please do your research, assess your situation, and make sure it’s the right thing for you.

To honor the struggle for LGBTQ human rights we partnered with The People’s Band to produce a music video of “Come Out.” The song draws its lyrics from Harvey Milk quotes and historic LGBTQ protest chants. We hope you enjoy & come out!