Planting Peace Hosts Wizard Wedding at Equality House

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and the Westboro Baptist Church engaged in a recent Twitter tiff over the hypothetical wedlock of Hogwarts headmaster and Lord of the Rings enigmatic wizard. Rowling alluded to the possibility that the wizards could now tie the knot in the freshly affirming nation of Ireland, to which the WBC retorted they would certainly picket such a ceremony, even bake a cake.

Not wanting to pass up on the opportunity for the WBC to make a tasty contribution to the cause, Planting Peace was more than happy to bring the magical event to the anti-gay neighbor’s doorsteps, hosting the celebration just across the street on the Equality House’s front lawn.

Despite the ominous weather predictions leading up to the day, Professor Albus Dumbledore and Gandalf the White were wed on a sunny afternoon, Sunday, June 7, 2015. The ceremony, officiated by Planting Peace Director of Operations, Davis Hammet, gathered together more than 250 guests who witnessed and were asked during the ceremony to stand and say “I Will” to make audible a booming community of support of the LGBTQ community and equality for all.


Despite threats of picketing the nuptial and even revving a van engine during vows, no Westboro Baptist Church member made herself or himself visible throughout the day. Apart from adding a few more picket signs than typical to their repertoire, the group stuck to Twitter and kept their voices from being audible by those partaking in the wizard matrimony.


Additionally, the WBC contended that the cake was regrettably devoured prior to successful delivery. Fortunately, the best of the best came through and a remarkable tower of Mad Eliza’s cupcakes and cake topper were delivered just in time.

With a ring-bearing Frodo Baggins, eloquent harp notes trickling through the background, a joyful LoveWins flower girl and hundreds watching and smiling in witness, the wizard wedding was nothing short of “sheer awesomeness.”

“The Equality House was founded to take a stand against the hurtful words and actions of hate groups like the WBC. People often question why we even mention them, and Ms. Rowling’s [sentiment on the importance of frightened LGBTQ youth seeing hate speech challenged] was spot on,” – Aaron Jackson, co-founder of Planting Peace. “While the overall tone was joy and fun, everyone seemed to really support the underlying message about standing up to hate and bigotry with love and compassion.”



vayda and cake

Our most genuine thanks to all those who came out, partook, contributed to and supported this playful but sincere celebration of love and affirmation. Without you, this one-week wedding would not have been possible. Thank you. <3