Planting Peace responds to PFOX’s “Nobody is born gay” Billboard


Planting Peace is committed to countering voices of hate and intolerance with messages of love and support for the LGBT community. Recently, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) launched a billboard campaign indicating their belief that scientific studies on twins show no one is born gay, and featured two images of male model Kyle Roux, stating “one is gay, one is not.”

Kyle is not only NOT a twin, he is openly and proudly gay. He was not aware his image was being used in the campaign, and upon contacting him, agreed to help Planting Peace counter the PFOX message by launching a billboard in the same location. The message underscored not only the fact that Kyle was misrepresented as a twin, but that he is gay, he was born gay, and he is proud of who he is.


Photo by: J&D Photography

So often in the media and in society the LGBT community only hears the voices of opposition and the sentiment of negativity. Part of our core philosophy is to actively stand in peaceful protest of the actions of hate groups and to stand for the rights of those who are made to feel “less than.”

If you would like to join us in our campaign to fight hateful acts against the LGBT community, help us keep this powerful, positive message going by donating here:


A big thank you to Kyle Roux, Reno Horn Photography, Jen Huling for graphic design, and Jada and David Parrish. This project would not have been possible without all of you.