Awareness for AIDS,
Coal for Pastor

“All homos are pedophiles.”
“They’re filled with disease because of the judgment of God.”
“If you executed the homos, like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant.”

The words above are those of Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, Arizona. The video recording of this sermon went viral in early December. His revolting claims of having discovered the cure for AIDS in the book of Leviticus appalled and ensnared millions of listeners. As the Faithful Word Baptist Church’s most vocal offender called for the mass execution of gays as the solution that would lead to an AIDS-free world by Christmas, we listened with astonishment.

Planting Peace roots itself in the philosophy that messages of hate should be met with compassion. Thus, in efforts to rally those affected by these incredibly offensive allocations and put a constructive spin on it, Planting Peace responded to the belligerent exhortations by launching a campaign to promote AIDS awareness and support direct service programs for those living with HIV/AIDS. Over the course of December, $21,000 were donated in honor of those suffering from disease and discrimination, those made victims of bigotry and prejudice, and those weighed down by hate and intolerance every day.

In memory of all the people that have been oppressed, harmed, or murdered
because of the hate speech people like me have perpetuated for thousands of years.
– (Pastor Steven Anderson’s conscience)

The only way I know to defeat hatred and bigotry is through kindness. Spread the love.
– Christie Manes

As a consequence of Anderson’s public announcement, we were able to collect a substantial appropriation that would directly assist those afflicted by HIV/AIDS. A portion of the funds raised will be allocated to a select few direct service programs in Tempe, Arizona and Topeka, Kansas. The remaining funds will maintain the sustenance, education, and healthcare of one of Planting Peace’s specialty homes in Haiti that serves HIV orphans.

As a token of our appreciation for Anderson’s nonconsensual participation in this endeavor to protect those he aims to massacre, Santa delivered a gift to him on Christmas Eve: a box of coal wrapped in festive glitter and gold, topped with a less than conventional holiday bow.

There was also a personalized letter attached~

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Ignorance begets ignorance. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence.
Respond with kindness. Give effort to understanding. Promote peace.

And with that, we close out 2014. We extend our sincerest gratitude to all who cared, were vocal, donated, and supported us through this year’s undertakings. All that was done in efforts for peace and positive change was only made possible time and time again through your infallible encouragement and backing.

Thank you.

Planting Peace