The Miracle of Moringa

As you may have read before, Planting Peace has donated over 1 million Moringa tree seeds around the world. The majority of these seeds are going to Haiti, a country that is estimated to have lost 94 to 99 percent of its own trees. We have relied on other like-minded non-profits to help get these seeds planted and we thought we would share with them and with you more about the miracle of Moringa.

Why Moringa?


Nutritional Benefit:

Although the leaves from the Moringa are quite small research suggests that they provide a wealth of nutritional value. When compared gram for gram Moringa leaves contain 7 times the amount of vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the amount of calcium in milk, 2 times the amount of protein in milk, 4 times the amount of vitamin A in carrots, and 3 times the amount of Potassium in bananas. Further, one can also find all the essential amino acids in Moringa leaves. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which goes on to ensure that our cells, organs, muscles, connective tissue, and even our bones stay together, grow, and become stronger.

Intensive Cultivation:

Unlike many trees, the Moringa is able to thrive even when planted very closely together as a field crop. This technique produces a profound amount of green matter, can be harvested frequently, and requires little irrigation and fertilizer.

Livestock Forage:

Throughout studies in Nicaragua agricultural researchers have found that adding Moringa leaves to cattle feed increases their daily weight by up to 32% and milk production by up to 65%. These kinds of gains for livestock can determine not just life and death not for the animals but also for the communities who benefit from their byproducts.


Plant Growth Enhancement:

Beyond the studies done with the impact of Moringa leaves on human and animal nutrition, research has also been conducted that reflects an overwhelmingly positive effect from creating an all natural Moringa spray and applying it to various other crops including but not limited to soy beans, black beans, bell peppers, chia, onions, coffee, tea, and chili peppers. Through using the Moringa spray, crops have been seen to grow faster, stronger, larger, and to increase their yield between 20 and 30%. If even a small fraction of these results could be found in fields across the developing world it would dramatically improve the standard of living for those in areas devastated by famine and malnutrition.



Moringa trees have the incredible ability to grow and thrive in subtropical areas. One part of the world where this is true is Central America. Because of its proximity to other countries in which Planting Peace has worked over the years it was not difficult for us to find several other organizations to help us develop a partnership with some of the largest organic Moringa plantations just outside of the Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua. Through these relationships we have been abled to build trust and rapport and we look forward to expanding them in the future with all those who have observed the amazing potential of Moringa to transform agriculture and nutrition in the developing world.

Join us today in sharing the miracle of Moringa around the world.