Cookie Kindness

In mid July the air conditioning unit appeared to see its final day at the Equality House. Although the house stands as a powerful symbol within of itself to send a message of inclusivity, acceptance, and hope to the LGBTQ community it also serves as the home and office of several full time volunteers for the charity that owns it, Planting Peace.The company we first hired told us we had to replace the whole unit and it was going to cost us about $3,000.00. This obviously left us feeling quite helpless and well, very VERY hot.

Somewhere amidst all the figurative and literal sweating we were doing it was recommended by a friend that we call around for a second opinion. A-Way Heating, Cooling and Electric, which is based in Topeka, answered to this and sent out a technician to our quaint little rainbow home.

After a few hours the problem was resolved with a few new parts and without the need for replacement. Further, when we received the bill all the company asked for in fees was some cookies to be sent to them from a local lady in Topeka renown for her superior baked goods! After posting our experiences on social media the story took off, thank-yous and cookies began to be sent to A-Way from people across the country, and we heard from countless other individuals about looking for an how they could contribute to the equality movement and provide other small gestures of goodwill toward all.

From here we decided to invite as many people as possible join in on the giving opportunity and created a fundraiser that allowed for every $10 raised to help Planting Peace’s efforts for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning/queer community here and around the world as well as going to provide a half-dozen cookies to the employees at A-Way!

Ultimately we think what all of this cookie kindness has yet again gone to show us is that the best thing we can all do in this life is simply do what we love, share the areas we’ve been gifted, and find a way to take both those things and make the world a little better and of course a little sweeter.