Planting Peace responds to South Sudan’s Hunger Crisis

South Sudan is facing a hunger crisis that has not been seen anywhere in the world since the Ethiopian famine of the 1980’s. The United Nations estimates that nearly two thirds of South Sudanese people are at risk. This crisis is mainly due to a civil war that has broken out having led to 250,000 people needing to take refuge in neighboring countries with another 800,000 considering the same course of action.

In response to this crisis Planting Peace has committed to send 500,000 doses of deworming medication and with your help can fulfill the total need of 1.3 million tablets. Research shows that nearly 90 percent of children across South Sudan are infected with intestinal parasites. The worms consume over 20% of a child’s nutrition every day and lead to high rates of anemia. The World Health Organization has indicated that deworming a child can cut the impact of malnutrition in a child by half. This will be our second response to a crisis in Sudan and we anticipate seeing the same success of that deworming program which at that time reached 1 million Sudanese children.

 The youth of South Sudan are the future of their nation and have the best opportunity to thrive through your help. If you would like to make a contribution please make an online donation today. 100% of your contribution will go toward helping these beautiful children.