Planting Peace deworms 700,000 children in Haiti

Planting Peace has launched a campaign to deworm 700,000 children across the nation of Haiti.

Haiti is regularly ranked as having some of the worst water conditions across the globe. Combined with a number of other environmental factors it is estimated that 80% of the youth are infected with intestinal parasites.

It is a little known fact though that the presence of such a living organism in one’s digestive tract results in a loss of up to 20% of a person’s food consumption.

As one of the world’s leaders in starvation rates one can imagine how this kind of loss impacts children especially in Haiti and goes even further beyond what it would do in a well-fed individuals nutritional intake. The on-going presence of these worms in facts leads to a number of illnesses and conditions which include but are not limited to a lack of cognitive development, lethargy, weak immune systems, vitamin deficiencies, and anemia.

This particular campaign that began on December 1st and we should have all the deworming pills distributed by January 30th 2014. Planting peace will continue to partner with other organizations to distribute all of the medication necessary to achieve this end and your support in this cause can go on to mean life or death for someone.

Help us reach more children in Haiti!

3.2 million children live in Haiti and we ultimately want to deworm them all! Join us in this effort by making an online contribution today. For every dollar you provide Planting Peace will be able to deworm 100 children.