Tree Planting

The world’s forests are in trouble.PNGenvhandscorazon_manos-300x279

In fact, we lose an area about the size of Panama every year to deforestation. At the current rate, the world’s forests could completely vanish within a hundred years.

What Planting Peace is doing!
PlPNGworldmaphandmapamundi-250x300anting Peace has donated over 1 million tree seeds around the world. Currently, the majority of these seeds are going to Haiti, a country that is estimated to have lost 94 to 99 percent of its trees.

Planting Peace partners with many different organizations to get these seeds planted. The majority of seeds we plant are the Moringa Tree seed. This tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world as it grows approximately 20 feet within its first year. The Moringa Tree produces a leaf that is of great nutritional value, having four times the amount of vitamin A than a carrot and more vitamin C than an orange. While planting these trees in areas where there is high malnutrition, we couple our efforts by teaching the people the importance of not cutting down these trees because of the food it produces.

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